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CREATE Gallery & Lounge is an intimate art gallery and draft cocktail lounge in Bow Market. Experience exhibits by artists you might not know yet (but totally should), draft cocktails created your favorite bartenders, music curated by our favorite local DJs, and more. 




Continental Relic | Jared Sadoian

Jim Beam Black, sassafras infused Dubonnet Rouge, Benedictine, Laphroag 10yr, Herbsaint, lemon oil

Garden at Giverny | Taniah Soares

Absolut Elyx, St. Germain, lavender syrup, butterfly pea flower iced tea

Frida | Brothers Prado

Olmeca Altos, watermelon juice, cayenne & ginger syrup, rosemary

No Egrets | Kate Belanger

Scapegrace Gin, Kleos, Green Apple Dolin Blanc, mint

Picture Hook Spritz | Ryan Lotz

Campari, blanc vermouth, grapefruit juice, grenadine, cava

La Gloria Highball | Will Isaza

Bacardi 4 Años, passion cinnamon, lime, St. George's coffee, cream soda

Down n' Brown | Ryan McGrale

Redemption Rye, Luxardo, Benedictine, Fernet

Shabba Ranks | Taylor Whitney

Appleton Signature Reserve, Lillet Rosé, hibiscus infused Campari, pepper tincture

We can make simple drinks too... just ask us. 

We don't serve food, but there are many amazing vendors at Bow Market that do! You're welcome to enjoy food from other areas of the market here in our space. 


"There are 2 main series that I focus on, Cityscapes and Structural/Perception. In my Cityscapes series I portray what it feels like, what I remember about it. I paint everyday urban scenes that have some familiar subject matter, but painted through the eyes of someone from another dimension. I'm using color as value. I'm using alien color schemes. I'm abstracting scenes more. I'm not limiting my decision making to stay within the boundaries. In short, when I have an idea, I paint it without a second thought. The first idea is always the most exciting. Which brings in the second series.


Structural/Perception series reflects the more personal and emotional side of my work. Each painting, sometimes plastered with collage and cut paper, is another realm I can visit, away from our own dimension. Some pieces delve deeper into humanity and desperation, i.e. "The Fall of Humanity", while others are perceptions of life and death. These structural dimension paintings are linked to current events, life’s trials and tribulations, and primal instincts. Where the cityscapes are more figurative, more outward and are based on my observation and memory."


Born in Murfreesboro, TN

BFA in Illustration/Design from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University

His painting studio is in Abington, MA.

He lives in Abington, MA with his wife Meghan and Daughters Penelope and Emerald.

His awards include winner of Boston’s Portrait of a City Contest 2016.


Rory Beerits has been creating sculpture, jewelry, and custom metalwork since childhood. After a 
bi-coastal upbringing in L.A. and rural Maine, he furthered his practice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston under David Austin, Joyce McDaniels, and others. Working as a fabricator, preparator, and conservation technician, Rory balances his aesthetic sensibility with technical skills. Turning his passion for creativity, education, and supporting other artists into a commercial enterprise. 

Rory has developed a style comprised mostly of metalwork and found-object assembly that uses the tools and tailings of the anthropocentric era to build creatures from the world as we know it, and the worlds that are slipping beyond our memory. The work starts with an understanding of animal anatomy, in both form and function. From there an object is found that will fit a part of the animal. Any seemingly mundane thing could become another; scythes into wings, colanders into scales, wrenches into pincers, oil drums into feathers. These objects come from the street, junkyards, dumpsters, and occasionally the kind donations of others.  


We all have the ability to change the world around us with the actions that we take, which all start with ideas that we have. It is ultimately Rory's goal to have this work be a physical representation of some of what the natural world has to offer, in all its sublimity. For these creatures to serve as an icon that we invest our heart in, that they may shape our ideas, and then our world. 



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